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General plastics, engineering plastics, modified plastics, recycled plastic plastic alloys, general plastics engineering modified products, plastic products, reinforced materials, various fibers, masterbatches, resins, polyurethanes, additives, adhesives, antioxidants, anti-fogging agents, antistatic agents, sealants, polymerization inhibitors, light stabilizers, colorants, coupling agents, flame retardants, molding agents, heat stabilizers, lubricants, plasticizers, anti-ultraviolet light stabilizers, titanium dioxide, calcium carbonate, talc, etc.;
Plastic Packaging Machinery, Blow Molding Machine, Film Blowing Machine, Injection Molding Machinery, Robotic Arm (Take-out Machine), Central Feeding and Auxiliary Equipment, Hollow Molding Machinery, Extruder and Extrusion Line, Plastic Machinery Spare Parts, Single and Twin Screw Extruder, Mixer, Reciprocating Mixer, Granulator, Underwater Granulator, Rotational Molding Machine, Pulverizer, New Molding Process Machine Equipment, Hollow Molding Machine and Mold, Injection Molding Machine, Compression Molding Equipment, Reaction Injection Molding Equipment, Dryer, Grinding Machine, Metering and Feeding Device, Heater, Mold loading and unloading, mold temperature controller and chiller, sensor, monitoring instrument, screw barrel, testing equipment and instrumentation, etc.;
Rubber Machinery, Tire Special Machinery, Automatic Control and Testing Equipment, Mold and Machine Head, Non-tire Rubber Machinery, Auxiliary Equipment and Accessories, Plastic and Rubber Compounding and Modified Granulation Equipment and Technology, Rubber Chemicals, Vulcanizing Agents, Vulcanizing Additives, Carbon Black, White Carbon Black, Rubber and Skeleton Materials, Natural Rubber, Synthetic Rubber, Thermoplastic Elastomers, Tire and Non-tire Rubber Products, Rubber Recycling
Degradable plastic raw materials, biodegradable plastics, biodegradable masterbatches, photodegradable masterbatches, biodegradable plastics, starch-based, polybutylene succinate, polyhydroxyalkabens, plastic packaging raw materials, flexible packaging products, plastic packaging container machinery, capping machines, bottle making machines, cup making machines, bag making machines, bottle blowing machines, bowl making machines, packaging inkjet printers, labeling machines, plastic packaging machinery and accessories, blow molding machinery, bottle blowing machinery, injection molding machinery, sealing machinery, wrapping machinery, vacuum packaging machinery, aseptic packaging machinery, Forming-filling-sealing packaging machine, stretch packaging machine, heat shrinking machine, metering and filling machine, gravure printing machine, flexographic printing machine, trademark printing machine, offset printing machine, rotary printing and various film machines
Pelletizers, double-roll plasticizers, recycling lines, cold-pressed powder granulators/powder compactors, screen changers, melt filters, crushing equipment (crushers, crushers, shredders, vane granulators), compounding production lines, mixers, plastic pellet separators, sorting machines and dust removal systems;

        With the highest goal of "conforming to the market development trend, displaying core scientific and technological products, boosting industrial transformation and upgrading, and building a supply and demand trade platform", Huasu Exhibition brand is based on the highest goal of "conforming to the market development trend, displaying core technology products, boosting industrial transformation and upgrading, and building a high-end supply and demand platform for the plastic and rubber industry, combining location advantages and integrating industry resources, keeping up with the general trend of industry development, actively exploring innovation and development, and carefully building a high-end supply and demand platform for the plastic and rubber industry.

        Today's Huasu Exhibition is an indispensable industry event in the rubber and plastic industry every year, gathering the flow of people, information and capital, and displaying new products, new processes and new ideas. Here, market exploration and product display are maximized, and personalization, diversification and marketization are highly integrated.

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